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The Eco-friendly Foundation: Straightforward and Quick Installation!

Completed in just one day: Delivered in the morning with power being generated by evening.

First a pit is dug out with an excavator and then the Steel Root is set up quickly in just a few steps. The Steel Root is installed and ... [Read more]

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BFtec developers are known for their attention to details, coupled with the desire for constant improvement, lots of practical experience in product development and excellent contacts. In the early 90s, the challenge was to retrofit a large number of prefabricated high rises in the eastern part of Germany with heavy-duty thermal insulation, so Peter Kellner and his team designed the "Keri" anchor that allowed for supporting the additional weight of the exterior facade by using the buildings' load-bearing concrete parts. Even in the western federal states of Germany there were many buildings that were constructed using the so-called sandwich structural design and which were modernized in line with today's energy standards based on the innovative and simple idea of the former Kellrim GmbH. 

Further developments included the rear-ventilated exterior facade with no thermal bridging or the TerraClic flooring system, to name a few. Peter Kellner has developed and readied more than ten products for the market so far. To this end, great importance was placed on maintaining a close cooperation with universities and research institutes, which supported and documented the development of different products during numerous practical tests through to patenting and thus ensured product safety. 

Sebastian KellnerIn 2006, Sebastian Kellner joined the company and started to shift the company's focus as an international trade specialist more and more to international business. In 2010, he took over the reins of the company. "The renewable energy market, which is an important mainstay of our company, is going through a dynamic growth phase. And the demand for innovative products is increasing at the same time. BFtec provides solutions optimally tailored to requirements upon request with passion and a noticeable delight in detail."

Peter und Sebastian KellnerBoth Kellners think in a practical and application-oriented manner. Every product application is taken into account individually. Example of foundation solutions: The ground is often an unknown quantity. Only after in-depth ground surveys is it possible to recommend an appropriate foundation and test for suitability during field trials. While doing so, both specialists are always fond of incorporating the "human element": What could go wrong in the application? What problems could occur? Our goal is to make products as simple as possible and as complex as necessary, since that helps customers save money, time and hassle.

The daily exchange of experience with a recapitulation of individual projects forms the basis for self-improvement - the most important prerequisite for innovation. For BFtec, the sale of a product is just the beginning. The accompanying service concept is an important quality characteristic at BFtec. A thorough review and analysis of every project yields new approaches and ideas.

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