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The Eco-friendly Foundation: Straightforward and Quick Installation!

Completed in just one day: Delivered in the morning with power being generated by evening.

First a pit is dug out with an excavator and then the Steel Root is set up quickly in just a few steps. The Steel Root is installed and ... [Read more]

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With our newly developed Borefundaments, it is possible to anchor foundations for a wide variety of building measures securely and durably in the ground with minimal effort. 

Based on the variety of different sizes and designs available, we construct a foundation that is optimally suited to the intended purpose. For us, safety and cost effectiveness are both important.

Thanks to ease of use, photovoltaic projects of all sizes, small wind turbines, wooden structures and all types of support structures in road and traffic areas can be realized in no time at all.
Our Borefundaments are regulated construction products based on DIN standards for pile and structural steel construction. The forces that our Borefundaments can accommodate can be seen here.


Acrobat PDF Datasheet Borefundaments

We will be pleased to advise you with our MAMMUT fundaments.
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