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The Eco-friendly Foundation: Straightforward and Quick Installation!

Completed in just one day: Delivered in the morning with power being generated by evening.

First a pit is dug out with an excavator and then the Steel Root is set up quickly in just a few steps. The Steel Root is installed and ... [Read more]

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Winged foundations

Installing secure foundations on challenging soils: 

BFtec winged foundations are a secure and efficient alternative to conventional pile-driven support sections for building a wide variety of structures. 

Full displacement piles with fins offer maximum stability and allow for greater intervals, which in turn result in a significant cost savings for your construction project. Another advantage of our winged foundation is the considerably smaller "ramming depth", since they are smaller than conventional pile-driven sections while offering the same stability. 

We manufacture our winged foundation individually and to your project's specific requirements. Our development department and our structural engineers guarantee maximum reliability.

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We will be pleased to advise you with our MAMMUT fundaments.
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