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The Eco-friendly Foundation: Straightforward and Quick Installation!

Completed in just one day: Delivered in the morning with power being generated by evening.

First a pit is dug out with an excavator and then the Steel Root is set up quickly in just a few steps. The Steel Root is installed and ... [Read more]

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Elevated Units

Quantity counts: When installing elevated photovoltaic systems, particular attention is placed on the overall project.

How many foundations are needed? Is it possible to improve the structural design by optimizing the frame? We always take into account the key unknown quantity - the ground - which can be predicted thanks to extensive studies. 

We readily accept the challenge of dealing with problematic soils as well. Be it sand, marshland or flood plain: By careful examination and analysis, we determine a suitable solution, which must first pass extensive field testing and stress tests before it can be implemented.

All foundations are produced on request with the individually tailored connection for the respective solar panel. To this end, we only need a drawing of the base of the panel and the structural analyses.



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