The Eco-friendly Foundation: Straightforward and Quick Installation!

Completed in just one day: Delivered in the morning with power being generated by evening.

First a pit is dug out with an excavator and then the Steel Root is set up quickly in just a few steps. The Steel Root is installed and aligned in the pit with the aid of the excavator or a wheeled loader. Afterwards, the excavated soil is filled back in place and compressed in layers using a vibratory plate/ compactor. The masts are delivered in segments, which may be up to four meters in length in order to save, on the one hand, space during transport and decrease storage costs and, on the other hand, to allow for different overall mast lengths. The masts can be adapted individually to a total height of 8, 10 or 12 meters and screwed together on site. The wind turbine can now be mounted. With the aid of the hinge at the base of the main mast, it is easy to raise the entire mast including the wind turbine and then lower it again for any possible maintenance work. Set-up is usually implemented by means of the excavator that was used to excavate the pit.

Picture Gallery "Wind Turbines"

Pilot Batch for Steel-Root completed successfully!

Basic requirement for a BFtec GmbH product is the intense scrutiny in many different applications.

Among the critical eyes of external geologists, structural engineers and technicians the Steel-Root system has been tested. The results confirm the excellent suitability of Steel-Root for small wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, solar tracking systems, noise barriers, anemometer masts, etc.

Gallery "development steps"

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